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The Good Shepherd

Lately, Kathy has felt unsettled. She’s been struggling with the direction her life has taken. And here are some of the burning questions that have been going through her head:

Am I really happy with the way I am living?

Can I continue to ignore the emptiness that I feel within myself?

Isn’t life supposed to be more than this?

Why do I always seem to hurt those who love me and need me?

In my heart I I’m searching for “something” that I know I cannot find living this way. Where can I find real fulfillment?

When I’m older, and near the end of my life, will I look back on all this and be happy with the decisions I have made?

When a person begins to ask questions like these, believe it or not, it is really a sign that God tapping you on the shoulder—-God is active in your life. Our lives may not have turned out the we had expected, or perhaps we really want to change our behavior, but don’t seen to have the ability to do this on our own. We can feel unsettled, disappointed, and maybe even depressed. But another way to look at it is to see God’s call to rely on his grace to get us moving in the right direction. 

So, for those of us who have tried to live life on our own, ignoring the voice of the Shepherd, there comes a time when we finally realize there’s a better way. Jesus opens the gate and wants to free us from the traps we find ourselves in. But once we pass through the gate, we are to follow the voice of the Shepherd who wants to lead us to a new pasture. 

Remember: The burning questions of life, and the nagging sense of being unsettled are both graces from God. God is present in the midst of all the chaos (in the very heart of it). He’s saying, “I will help you.”

Christ wants us to pay attention to Him. So don’t keep your hearts closed to what’s happening. Ignoring Christ’s call usually leads to more feeling of being unsettled. 

Place the burning questions before the Risen Lord. Patiently listen to the voice of the Shepherd. Tell the Shepherd that you trust him. 

Remember what Jesus went to the cross. His Father was very serious about saving us. The Lord wants us to reach out for the gift that was purchased at so great a price. Don’t let the gift remain unopened. 

The gate has been unlocked, and we are set free! Heed the voice of the Shepherd who loves you!

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