Our team leaders prepare and run a variety of learning and faith exploration programs to deepen, share, and grow our knowledge of the Catholic faith.  Including Bible Study, Faith programs, FORMED access, RCIA and Walking with Purpose.

We invite you to join one or more of these programs or offer your leadership assistance.

  • BIBLE STUDY — Leader:  Craig and Barbara Callaghan  (610) 449-2838   bible-study@sjnparish.org     Focused topics of sacred Scripture are studied with the aid of formal study guides, speakers, and group discussion.
  • FAITH PROGRAMS — Leader:  Clare Frissora (Parish Services)  (610) 525-3100   faith-formation@sjnparsh.org    Theology, saints and writings of Church leaders are studied with the aid of DVD presentations, books, other writings and group discussion.
  • FORMED — Leader:  Clare Frissora (Parish Services)  (610) 525-3100  formed@sjnparish.org   This ministry highlights programs and talks available on FORMED, supports parishioner questions and acts as a liaison to the FORMED organization.
  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of adults) – Leader:  Deacon Kevin Harrington  rcia@sjnparish.org   Team members in this ministry assist those seeking deeper understanding of and/or full communion into the Roman Catholic faith. They assist prospective Catholics on their journey to become active members of the church community.
  • WALKING WITH PURPOSE — Leaders:  Katie Keating  (610) 585-3052, Susie Rassas  (610) 964-1085, Mary Beth Wolanin (610) 550-9383  wwp@sjnparish.org     This program is a sacred Scripture study designed specifically for women that discusses Scripture and how it applies to our everyday lives.