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  1. Peg Manson

    Monsignor Matz. Thank you for a beautiful Holy Thursday Mass
    And wonderful homily.
    God bless you and have a Happy Blessed Easter.

  2. Teenie Bracken

    To all the members of the choir and to dear Isabel Momenee,
    Thank You for the beautiful concert and bringing a little Christmas into our home tonight.
    Isabel, you were one of the first who welcomed our family to the parish with love, spiritual energy, and music many years ago. We are filled with gratitude for all you have done for us, our children, and the SJN parish family. Your work and dedication has influenced our family spiritually in a wonderful way. God Bless and Merry Christmas! With Love, Jim and Teenie Bracken

  3. Winnie

    Thank you to our choir members for their beautiful communion music replayed for us during the livestream mass…your voices are just lovely!

  4. Meg

    Thank you Msgr. Matz for streaming the mass every day. It has helped me get closer to the Lord. Your sermons have enriched my life. God bless you and all the parish priests and deacons.

  5. Sr. Beth Woodward IHM

    Thank you so much Msgr Matz for all you do to provide such richly graced Liturgies. The taped
    Thanksgiving hymn sung by the choir was magnificent. Thank you for going the extra mile.
    God bless you. May you have a happy thanksgiving.
    Sr. Beth

  6. Bunnie Malazita

    Good Morning Monsignor, Thank You so much for this Beautiful streaming Mass every Sunday. We don’t belong to your parish but are so thankful we found you on this streaming venue every Sunday. We knew way back in your St Cosmas and Damian days which sadly is gone. Thank You again,
    Bunnie and Joe Malazita

  7. Mary Elizabeth Garapola

    I am in Florida but from Pennsylvania.
    I am so great full to receive this Stream of Daily Mass . My sister belongs to your Parish . I thank God for you all !
    The Masses are so uplifting!
    Thank You !
    Mary Beth Nolan

  8. Winnie Doyle

    Deacon Kevin,
    I’ve had the pleasure of listening to two of your sermons and found them both thought provoking. Thank you for taking the time to prepare your heart for our message.

  9. Stephanie manko

    Thank you Msgr. Matz for giving us this wonderful opportunity to attend mass livestream..We hope to be in church soon ..Your efforts are priceless.. Stephanie and Michael Manko

  10. Linda M Giammarco

    Dear Monsignor Matz. Thank you very much for livestream Mass on Sunday. Because of it I am able to attend Mass which other wise I would not be able to do.

  11. Mary E FitzPatrick

    Because of COVID lockdown for LongTerm Care facilities, I am unable to physically attend my cousin, Pat’s funeral today. But because of your live streaming Mass, I can be in NH and still attend the Mass of Christian Burial for her. Thank you so much. What a blessing.

  12. Carol

    I totally agree with Sr. Edward. So many people are older, have disabilities, or simply no way to physically attend mass. It is sad to see faithful people stop attending mass due to various reasons. The livestream mass has been a blessing for a numerous amount of people. Who would think such a blessing would come about due to the Covid stay at home order!! God surely works in strange ways. I sincerely hope the livestream masses continue for the people who rely on it for daily comfort and spiritual strength. Thank you Msgr. Matz for your wonderful homilies !!!

  13. Ted Borie

    Congratulations, Mrs. Lamberto! We wish you all the best as you enter a new journey in your life. Watching the video you can feel all the love the children have for you. God Bless You!!! Ted & Nancy , Phila., PA.

  14. Sister Edward

    I am not a member of the parish but have been attending the livestream Masses and they have been a great help for this time. I will be homebound for a while because of a disability and hoping you will continue to do this. I have tried others but find yours to be most in keeping with what is meaningful to me right now. The daily messages are full of the hope that keeps me going. Thank you Monsignor

  15. Susan Parrish

    I give thanks to God for the grace of this Mass every day. Due to work constraints I have never been able to attend daily Mass. Through the gift of technology and the goodness of our Parish, i can now attend Mass daily. It has made the quarantine bearable and such a differencein my spiritual life. I sincerely hope livestream daily Mass will continue even after we go to green status.

  16. Bradley Johnson

    Thank you for another great livestream. It is such an amazing privilege to celebrate at home during these trying times! The music is also beautiful, especially the contemporary renditions! Big thanks and blessings to those that make all this possible!

  17. Mary Beth Bryan

    Being able to “attend” daily and Sunday Mass with Monsignor Matz is truly a blessing during these difficult and uncertain times. His homilies are always relevant and give me hope.
    Mary Beth Bryan / St Gen’s

  18. Ellen Judy

    Dear Monsignor Matz,
    Thank you so much for bringing the mass into our homes. We feel that we are inside our beloved church and savor every minute of the mass while the beautiful voices of Mary and Andrew draw us closer to God’s word. What a blessing we have been given by many faithful servants.

    Ellen Judy

  19. Bob

    We just love following our old friends at this time! – Bob & Colette

  20. Marlene

    Thank you for the livestream Masses. Your inspirational daily messages are so appropriate Msgr. Matz.

  21. Carol Faulls

    Thank you, Msgr. Matz for the most inspirational and comforting homily today. It is perfect for what everyone is going through at this time. May God Bless You as you comfort and give guidance to others.

    Carol Faulls

  22. Kathy Tomson

    Thank you. It was a beautiful Mass this morning for Mother’s Day. I loved the special recording of the Ave Maria. I hope you will play the recording again. It is a wonderful tribute.

  23. Michelle Nassib

    We absolutely love livestream mass! We are living in California and are able to bring our mother who lives nearby to mass every Sunday through FaceTime. It is really a beautiful experience and it has brought us closer together. Thank you!!

  24. Nancy & Ted Borie

    Thank you Monsignor and children of SJN School. You did a beautiful job with your presentation ! Nancy & Ted Borie, St. Dominic Parish, Phila., PA

  25. Mike Toth

    Thank you ever so much for morning Mass live-streams. The readings and homily give us the strength and hope we need everyday and especially now. Your music is also very up lifting, a big thumbs up for the music director. Plan on attending a Mass with you once we an all gather again. Many thanks!

    Mike Toth
    Saint Matthews Conshohocken Member

  26. Rosemary

    Enjoyed listening to Our Lady of Knock this morning! Beautiful tribute to our Blessed Mother. The homilies always have an uplifting and important message.Thank you Monsignor Matz, Fr. Chapman, Deacon Kevin and all who make the livestream masses possible.

  27. Joe Micucci

    Good morning, Have been a Catholic for close to 73 years, going to Communion since age 7, and a Eucharistic Minister for awhile, however, since the virus and the stay at home order, will never take going to Mass and Communion for granted again.

  28. Winnie Doyle

    Your sermons Monsignor Matz always provoke both self-reflection and comforting hope. Thank you!

  29. Patricia Large

    I live in a senior living center in rural Ohio. Thank you for the privilege of celebrating Mass today at your parish. It was such a blessing to participate in the music and liturgy with such great joy and love. Your homily was right on spot!

  30. Patricia Kaffenberger

    Dear Monsignor Matz
    Another beautiful mass. Always uplifting and we really miss your jokes. Hope you are healthy band well
    The Kaffenberger family

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