Mass will be livestreamed at 8am weekday and 10:30am on Sundays. Replays available 30 mins after Mass ends.

Please share this livestream page with your friends and family while the public celebration of Masses are suspended until further notice.

We are most grateful to those who have sent their envelope offerings to the parish to help at this very difficult time. Please consider signing up for OnlineGiving or making a one-time donation here.

Readings for today, April 2nd can be found here

You may also watch on our YouTube Channel through smart TV or computer. Open YouTube and search for “st john neumann bryn mawr” and click on Live Stream

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30 thoughts on “Livestream Mass

  1. Dear Msgr. Matz,
    Thank you for the opportunity to pray the daily Mass. It is especially comforting in this time of separation from our sacramental Lord. Thank you to Deacon Kevin for assisting and preparing the altar so beautifully, and to Fr. Chapman for lovingly and graciously con-celebrating.
    Entrusting you to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
    Anne Schwelm

  2. Thank you, Monsignor Matz, for the wonderful gift of making it possible for us to participate in daily and Sunday Mass. Seeing you each day and listening to you brings us great comfort and strength during this difficult time.
    May God bless you and keep you well.
    David and Adele Henry

  3. The background for your streamed Masses is the view I enjoyed for 47 years while our family lived in Rosemont. The time and effort you and your staff have put into this mini-miracle for so many of us now home bound is very appreciated. Until last weekend when I learned of the virtual Masses you are providing I was very aware each day of something missing. I no longer feel that way since “attending” Mass again at SJN. This is a wonderful service you are gifting us. Thank you and please know we are remembering you in our prayers. Stay well.

    Pat Cunningham

  4. Dear Monsignor Matz,
    Thank you for live streaming the daily Mass. It brings comfort and normalcy to my day during a time we have never experienced before.

  5. Thank you Msgr. Matz and everyone who made this live stream possible.
    So good to see you and hear your beautiful words during these trying times. God Bless you and stay healthy.

  6. Monsignor Matz. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear Mas everyday. God bless you and keep you well. Sincerely, Peg.

  7. Monsignor Matz, Thank you for the comfort and peace you are providing the parishioners of St. John Newman at this critical time. We are truly blessed with the ability to come together via livestream mass to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Stay well. Judy and Tom Scangarella

  8. Monsignor Matz, Fr. Chapman, Deacon ~

    What a comfort and source of strength to celebrate the liturgy with you! We are so grateful for providing us with the grace of the sacraments (virtually) during this surreal time. Thank you, to our musicians for providing such beautiful music, and David and the others, who obviously worked tirelessly on this effort. Connection through the Word, these masses and each other are our lifelines during these times.
    Stay well!

  9. Attending Mass virtually with Fr. Matz accompanied by Guna and Andrew was inspiring and nostalgic for Kathy and me. We appreciate the hard work and coordination required to bring us this beautiful liturgical celebration. Thank you so much. We miss you and wish you all well.

  10. Msgr.Matz ,thankyou for helping us to get through this critical time that not one of us has ever experienced. We are so glad that we can still have our 8:00 a.m.,mass and have your homily give us the strength to get through this,which means so much to us. God Bless Marie &Rocky

  11. Dear Msgr. Matz,
    Thank you very much for sharing daily Mass with us. Watching the beauty of the Mass has been healing and precious during this strange and conflicting time.

    May God bless you,
    Regina and Pete Bruno

  12. Good to be with you again, Msgr. Matz, though from afar. I miss your weekday homilies and am so glad to be able to hear you again via the live-streamed Mass.
    Please stay well.

  13. Msgr. Matz, The broadcast crashed just after the joke in your homily. I am positive that the timing was coincidental, and possibly a result of a system overload. I was able to rejoin at the petitions. Many thanks to you and all others especially David for this wonderful undertaking. I will revisit later this afternoon to catch the rerun!

  14. I have missed tour homilies these past couple of years. I am so elated that you and your parish are live streaming these liturgies. You have no idea how this is healing and nourishing my spirituality. So very grateful…

  15. Monsignor Matz,
    We are going through some tough times in isolation. Not being with friends and family is a real hardship,but in truth, the Livestream Masses are life saving and distraction free. Your Homilies give us the food for our daily thoughts- always with a great message. Thank you for all you have done an continue to do for St. John Neumann.
    Last week’s bulletin showed a severe decline in contributions. Hopefully, more can remember to either go online or simply mail in their checks for the weekly collection. We are a family and need to support our home.

  16. Thank you Father Matz for the opportunity to attend Mass with you every day. It has been a joyful time for me during this unusual time.
    Dorothy Haydanek

  17. Thank you for doing this it was so easy to live stream Holy Mass .. as A daily person for over 30 years I sincerely appreciate the fact that is was so easy to just click on. St Michael The archangel who’s protection was so great so strong protect us and guide us and keep us safe

  18. Thank you Monsignor Matz and others for the daily livestream of the mass. Your homilies provide comfort and thoughtful reminders of how important our life and faith is now – more than ever! My relatives are members of your parish and grade school. While my parish does not offer a live stream mass, I am happy to be connected to the Mass each day during this time.

    Maryann Daley

  19. Thank you so much Monsignor Matz. This has really been a central part of each day! We are so grateful that we can connect with you and the parish in this very meaningful way! Take of yourself!
    Judy and Denis Cassidy

  20. Thank you for broadcasting the mass. It is very comforting especially at these times. God bless you. One question for your technicians, is there a way we can view this thru chrome cast on our tv? We have tried but it seems to be restricted. Thank you Again

  21. Thank you so much for live-streaming Mass Msgr. Matz.

    My husband, along so many of our community are working extra hard at hospitals and it’s been a true blessing to be able to connect with you through Mass and be able to pray for them and their patients.

  22. Msgr. Matz, You’re the greatest. Thanks for this great service. Good health to you!l

  23. Thank you Msgr. Matz – your message today was so uplifting and much needed. May God keep you
    and yours safe.

  24. I’m a 35 year member from St Matthew parish in Conshohocken. It’s a very comforting feeling to know my wife and I can view Mass this way. It’s a very trying time, but we’ll all make it. Helping one another, staying aware and most of all having Jesus see us through.

    Many thanks!
    Mike and Margaret Toth

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