Cast Your Anxieties

Any of you who watched the Pope’s Urbi et Orbi Message on Friday, March 27th, would agree, I think, that it was one of the most eerie scenes ever seen on livestream. A movie director couldn’t have made it up!  It was 6 pm in Rome, so it was getting dark there; it was raining,…Continue reading Cast Your Anxieties

The Welfare of Others

Bill works at a big city airport for a major airline. He’s a mechanic who, after a number of years, is starting to become bored with what he is doing. One day he is at work on the landing gear of a 737. But he was thinking all the while that he wished he was…Continue reading The Welfare of Others

Receive Enlightenment

Beth Ann was driving to work one morning.  The traffic was terrible and she was running late—again!  She had just dropped off her two little ones at school. They barely made it in time.  She had an argument with her boyfriend that morning too, which set the tone for the day.  This was becoming an…Continue reading Receive Enlightenment

Trust in God

Joan was in her 80’s. When her husband, Richard died, it was the worst experience of her life. Yet, she did not fall apart. Richard had been sick for about three years, in and out of hospitals more times than she could remember. He suffered a lot during that time. And, indirectly, so did she. …Continue reading Trust in God

Hope for the Future

Max is getting ready for his senior year in college. While he is doing this, he is also trying to sort through a question that has been coming back to him again and again: Am I being called to the Priesthood? When he first thought about it, he immediately pushed the idea out of his…Continue reading Hope for the Future

Would Worrying Help?

Jim and Ron had been the best of friends. They grew up together in Mayfair section of the city. And even though they didn’t go to the same high school, they still remained in contact with each other through those years, through their marriages, Ron’s divorce, and Jim’s illnesses, and many other experiences. They spoke…Continue reading Would Worrying Help?

The Open Door

Vince was the kind of person who had a hard time staying with something that he started. He’d begin a project with all kinds of enthusiasm, but then would lose interest when he realized that the end result would take a lot of hard work and a lot of time. This was something that his…Continue reading The Open Door

Trust God

Several years ago, there was a panel discussion that included and Anglican Bishop, a Catholic Bishop, and a Rabbi. The discussion focused on life, dealing with suffering and illness, and the general unfairness of life. One of the questions that the moderator asked was this: “When you pray, do you ever get upset with God…Continue reading Trust God

Baptism of the Lord

Steve sat with his wife and their two month old baby in the pew.  With them were their two best friends who were going to be the godparents. As they waited for the priest to get things ready for the Baptism of their daughter Steve let his mind wander a bit.  He was thinking to…Continue reading Baptism of the Lord

Trust in God’s grace

I think you might have heard of Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Irishman. Well, I’m not going to talk to you about that film. About three years ago, Scorsese came out with another film that did not have the notoriety of some of his other films. And it was an unusual subject for him—-it was…Continue reading Trust in God’s grace

God will help you

A priest was at his brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, his nephew, who was a junior in college, suggested that the two of them take a walk before dessert so that they could stretch their legs and catch up on things.  During the walk the young man started raising his concerns over how…Continue reading God will help you