Trust in God

Susan was an A-type person, and she was having a hard time dealing with her mother’s battle with cancer. The reason why Susan was having such a hard time was because she was confronted with a situation that she couldn’t control, and she didn’t know how to handle it! Even when she had heard that…Continue reading Trust in God

Confidence in God

A priest in his mid-70’s was sharing with a friend of his that he needed to have surgery for his right foot. He had been having difficulty walking uphill and long distances and this was starting to interfere with his work as the Pastor of a small parish in the city. This surgery was going…Continue reading Confidence in God

Doing God’s Work

In the mid-1500’s, St Phillip Neri became the most sought-after priest in the city of Rome. This happened because of his holiness and his good humor. He was an adviser to popes and cardinals, kings and dukes as well as beggars and shop owners. Universally loved and respected, St. Phillip reformed a corrupt city almost…Continue reading Doing God’s Work

Good Samaritan

Doug never got along with his brother-in-law, Steve. His sister, Joan, had married Steve when Doug was a freshman in high school. Steve had a cynical outlook on life and thought everyone was out to get him. Steve ran his own business, and was rather successful at it. His wife was his “business partner” and…Continue reading Good Samaritan

We are saved by Christ

When something challenging happened in Hank’s life, he’d start worrying about what was going to happen to himself in the future.  He would put the worst spin possible on what was presently occurring, and then project that scenario into the future—always making himself the center of the storm; personalizing everything.  And as Hank continued in…Continue reading We are saved by Christ

Follow Christ

Josh was in his mid twenties and in graduate school. He was at a pub with a friend of his. It was exam week and he and Joe were just grabbing a burger after a long day of studying. At a certain point in their conversation Josh made the surprising announcement that he was going…Continue reading Follow Christ

Corpus Christi

Pete was worried about something lately. It kept him up at night, and made him distracted during the day. When people would talk to him, he could feel his mind drifting. Often the person who was speaking to him would have to get his attention.  Pete was waiting for the results of a biopsy. For…Continue reading Corpus Christi

Rely on God

It had been two years since her divorce, but Laura just couldn’t free herself from the anger that she felt every day. She tried seeing a therapist, but that really wasn’t helping all that much. She tried talking to a trusted friend but within a few days she was back in that dark place again….Continue reading Rely on God


Larry came from an intense family. His father, in particular, had been very strict growing up and in his disciplining could say some pretty mean things. His “method” of parenting would never “cut it” today. As a result of this, Larry did learn very important values such as a strong work ethic. But he always…Continue reading Pentecost

Christ’s Peace

Joe’s Mom died over ten years ago. He had been very close to her growing up. He still thought of her practically every day. Yet, although Joe would be the first to admit that his Mom had had a profoundly positive effect on his life, recently he came to the realization that there were some…Continue reading Christ’s Peace

Love one another

Scott, a junior in high school, is sitting in his room feeling sorry for himself. He is mad at his parents. He had wanted to borrow the car to go out on Friday night with a group of his friends, but his parents told him that they didn’t think it was a good idea. The…Continue reading Love one another

Doubting Thomas

Catherine was mad at God. She had to admit it. Her husband just found out that his cancer had come back—-for the third time. He would have to begin treatments the following Monday. Catherine had been praying for a good report from the doctor. Instead, she heard this. Catherine was a good person—-very devoted to…Continue reading Doubting Thomas