To allow feelings of regret to overwhelm us can be a dangerous thing. Regret or guilt can make us look at our life the wrong way. How many times have you wished you had a chance to do something over again. You say to yourself, “If I only had those circumstances back again so that…Continue reading Salvation

Jesus Knows the Reason

A young man writes of his mother’s death, “I was bewildered and lost.  I missed my mother immensely.  Everything she had touched became precious to me.  Then one day my eyes fell on a card under the glass top of my dresser, I hadn’t noticed it before.  It only became visible when I did a…Continue reading Jesus Knows the Reason

Release the Grip

It is not always good for us to cling to something too desperately. It can end up clouding our vision and make us fearful and anxious that we may lose what we’ve made so precious in our eyes. This can actually show our lack of faith in God—thinking deep down that God doesn’t have real…Continue reading Release the Grip

Let God In

Bill is having trouble in his marriage. He keeps telling himself that everything will work out all right in the end. Naively, he thinks the problem lies just with his wife. He’s never taken the time to look at himself and what he might be doing. Then, one day he hears the words he never…Continue reading Let God In

Give God a Chance

How many times have you been through something in your life that makes no sense to you? You don’t know why it’s happening. It causes you pain and stress, and you might not even see an end in sight. It could be happening to you or to someone you love—-a son, a daughter or a…Continue reading Give God a Chance

Turn Back to God

A man is in his car. It is a Saturday afternoon during Lent and he is driving by his parish church. And he thinks to himself, “I really should go to confession. It’s been a long time.” And this man has really been off track lately—his life is a mess. There are problems at home…Continue reading Turn Back to God

Jesus will come

A man by the name of Bob Considine tells the story of the time he accompanied an infant Vietnamese orphan to the United States so she could be adopted after the Vietnam War. In the long flight to the United States, the baby’s eyes overflowed with tears but she made absolutely no sound. Bob found…Continue reading Jesus will come

Rely on Your Faith

A man sits by himself at the far end of the bar. He stares absently into his drink and hears these words coming from somewhere in the room: … and when the twilight steals, l know how the lady in the harbor feels.” When I want rain, I get sunny weather I’m just as blue as the sky…Continue reading Rely on Your Faith