It’s Up To You

I’d like to share with you an old story. It’s about a young rabbi who was frustrated that the people of the synagogue didn’t recognize his gift of wisdom. He was a bitter and resentful man because of this. One day an old and revered rabbi was invited to the synagogue. He was recognized as…Continue reading It’s Up To You

Willing to Service Others

Ben was a football coach in the local junior high school. He was always able to put successful teams together. On one particular occasion, his team was playing a game that he really needed to win. But in the second quarter his best player got hurt. The boy still wanted to play—-he said he was…Continue reading Willing to Service Others

Rely on Christ

Robert was a young man who liked to be complimented. And although he would never admit it, he would be inwardly disappointed if he didn’t receive some type of affirmation. He didn’t realize how much he depended on this. Part of the reason for it was because he was a perfectionist, and because he wanted…Continue reading Rely on Christ

What does God want us to do?

Mark was an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. He and his wife, Susan, had been EM’s for several years. But Susan hadn’t exercised her ministry for a long time. She’d been suffering from medical problems for more years than she cared to remember—-one thing after another. What was really difficult for Susan was that she…Continue reading What does God want us to do?

Christ Died For Us

This story I am about to tell you took place during the second war in Iraq. The U.S. soldiers who were involved in this conflict were under great strain. They had to be careful of land mines along the roads, snipers, and all kinds of set ups and traps. There was one particular group of…Continue reading Christ Died For Us

Take up the Cross

Frank had a problem, and it was something that he’d been dealing with all his life. What was this problem? Frank would always fall into the wrong way of thinking—the wrong way of looking at a situation; getting lost in himself and allowing fear and frustration to overwhelm him. It effected his relationship with his…Continue reading Take up the Cross

Possess Real Peace

I would like to share with you a journal entry written by  a young woman: “They can harass us, they can rob us of our material goods, of our freedom of movement. But we ourselves forfeit our greatest assets by our misguided compliance; by our feelings of being persecuted, humiliated, oppressed; by our own hatred….Continue reading Possess Real Peace

Accept our Weaknesses

Meredith was a person who liked to plan. And these plans would cover every aspect of her life, from her job, to her home, to social events on the weekend.  And if her plans were changed, she would not handle it well. Meredith was also very hard on herself.  She would blame herself for wrong…Continue reading Accept our Weaknesses

We are not alone

Sam and Mary had been married for just over 50 years now. Sam had always thought to himself, “I could never live without ‘my dear Mary’”. He would often jokingly say to his wife, “I’d better be the one to go first, I would be way too lost without you!” So, when Mary died rather…Continue reading We are not alone