I am a sinner

Did you ever try to help someone out who was having a problem? And even though the issues are as plain as day to you, the person just can’t see it for themselves? Even worse, the guy really doesn’t want to hear anything about it. In their view, the problem lies with others, not with…Continue reading I am a sinner

Surrender to God

A man is standing over a hospital bed, looking down at his wife who is being anointed by a priest. The whole nightmare began just three days ago when Mary collapsed on the living room floor. Then, it seemed she would rally while she was in intensive care, and then another, and more severe stroke,…Continue reading Surrender to God

See the Light of Christ

Robert had to admit, this past year was the worst of his life. Murphy’s Law seemed to be working in high gear, and in some circumstances Murphy brought his friends along with him. Probably the worst experience was when he was accused of mismanaging funds where he worked. He could really sense evil in that…Continue reading See the Light of Christ

Release and Receive

Jane was having a hard time trying to figure out what God was doing in her life. Jane was a nurse who was just offered a position as the head of nursing at a major teaching hospital in the city. Her responsibilities would greatly increase of she took this position, and she would have a…Continue reading Release and Receive

What should we do?

Have you ever heard the story of St Anthony of the Desert? He is the first of the Desert Fathers of the fourth century in Egypt. I’d like to share with you the story of his calling. One day, as he enters a church, he hears read the classical passage from Matthew 19 which is…Continue reading What should we do?

In God’s Hands

Frank wasn’t sleeping well lately. He had been fretting over something that he had done in his past. Something that, as he looks at it now, he wonders how he could have been so foolish (stupid). And the more he found himself putting things right with God after a long time away from faith and…Continue reading In God’s Hands

It’s Up To You

I’d like to share with you an old story. It’s about a young rabbi who was frustrated that the people of the synagogue didn’t recognize his gift of wisdom. He was a bitter and resentful man because of this. One day an old and revered rabbi was invited to the synagogue. He was recognized as…Continue reading It’s Up To You

Willing to Service Others

Ben was a football coach in the local junior high school. He was always able to put successful teams together. On one particular occasion, his team was playing a game that he really needed to win. But in the second quarter his best player got hurt. The boy still wanted to play—-he said he was…Continue reading Willing to Service Others