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The Epiphany

As I get older I find that my memory isn’t what it used to be. If I think that there is something I have to do, I need to do it right away, or at least write it down on a “to-do list” and hope that I remember to look at the list! Same thing with losing things, forgetting where I put something—mostly it’s my keys or the phone—if I put something down in a place different than the usual spot, I’m going to have trouble remembering where it is. Then I have to go on the quest. There is always a sense of relief when I find what I’m looking for.

But, this idea of finding what you’re looking for can be taken to a different level. And on this Solemnity of the Epiphany, the idea of seeking is very important. And so today is a day where another question should be asked, not ‘where are my keys?’, but rather, have I found what I’ve been looking for in my life? Have I found happiness? Have I found peace? Have I found love? Have I found myself? Have I found God? Or, am I still seeking? 

And if I’m still seeking, is there a purpose to my search, or am I the one who’s lost? Here’s a final question: When I find what I’m looking for, will I even be able to recognize it, will I be convinced that I’ve found it?

For those of you who subscribe to Magnificat, there’s a very beautiful “meditation of the day” for Epiphany. It’s taken from a book called Epiphanies, (a Collection of Scriptural Meditations in the Ignatian Tradition). 

Let me explain what the Ignatian tradition of reading Scripture is all about. It’s when you read a passage from Scripture—usually one that describes a scene or event—and in your reflection you place yourself in the scene, or try, somehow, make what’s written on the page feel like it’s happening in present time and, most importantly, that you  are part of it.

Let me share with you this little passage, called “Through the Eyes of King Melchior”. 

We made our way through the narrow streets and found the light falling upon the simplest of dwellings. Unable to wait until the sun rose above the hills, my companion knocked. The door opened, and without hesitation (as if he had been waiting for our arrival), a kindly man with gentle features ushered us in from the cold. We were lead to a dimly lit corner where sat a young woman. As we reverently approached, she glanced up and smiled, and I spontaneously bowed—for she had the nobility of a queen…

Now, no man could ever know or comprehend what I must tell you next. The young woman bent low, as if to direct our gaze to him. In an instant, I was on my knees, transfixed before the most beautiful of all faces. It was the face of a child. What I encountered in that brief but momentous minute was so astonishing I can barely say. Here, in this poor, humble, little King I found all the wisdom that ever was. Here, I somehow knew, was the source of all truth…

For King Melchior, the search is complete, there is confidence, he has found what he has been looking for! 

So, on this Epiphany 2021, ask Jesus to help you find what you are looking for—most importantly, be sure to find Christ! Once you have found Him, and are convinced that you have indeed found Him, all other seeking is ended, for in Christ lies all the answers. 

Remember, following the light of Christ on your journey will keep you safe and protect you from the power of darkness just as it did Mary and Joseph who were both protected from the evil intentions of Herod.

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