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Trust in God

Sometimes we find ourselves in “impossible” situations. It can be a difficulty with your teenage son or daughter, a husband suffering from an addiction, a wife who’s battling with depression, family drama about how to handle an aging parent, or other family member. Perhaps it involves a friend, a situation at work, or other circumstance where you find yourself throwing your hands up in despair. 

We call these situations impossible for a reason—they’re not easily resolved. And it seems that there’s no end in sight—no relief. 

My intention in mentioning these kinds of things is not to be gloomy. I certainly do believe in miracles—that with God nothing is impossible. But there are those times when we pray, we offer help, and nothing happens. I think these are the situations that Jesus is addressing in the gospel from Matthew this morning. 

So, here’s the best way to sum up the message: When dealing with what seems impossible situations, do your best and leave the rest to God.

Here’s another little scenario:

A guy who lost his young wife a year ago to cancer is now trying to deal with a rebellious daughter who has gotten herself pregnant. The girl is immature and expecting her father to take the responsibility of raising the child. The daughter is not saying that directly, but the father knows that’s what’s going to end up happening. The father is trying to help the daughter face reality, and this is not going over too well. The daughter keeps saying that she wishes her mother were still alive, that she would understand better. The father is trying to do his best in what seems at the time to be an impossible situation. 

You might ask: How do I know if I’m doing my best? Well, have you tried to talk to the other person? Have you sought the advice of others? Have you asked God to help you? Have you ever considered bringing God into the situation at all? 

You also have to remember that many of these kinds of situations are not of your own making. Don’t blame yourself or place the burden completely on yourself to figure out how to fix it. You do your best and leave the rest to God. You learn this prayer and say it to yourself many times throughout the course of the day: Jesus, I give myself to you. Take care of everything. Say it many times and let it sink in!

And really leave it to God. Learn to take God seriously! Don’t grind about the situation and get angry and frustrated, or allow yourself to be filled with resentment. Don’t make yourself miserable over what’s going on, and try not to become fearful of the future. At the same time, don’t run away and try to hide from the situation and pretend all is fine when you know it isn’t. 

Finally, trust that God will not abandon you. Keep praying and know that God has some greater purpose that someday will fully understand. 

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