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God is always with us

Ron was sitting in the congregation. It was homily time. He’s gotten used to the priest not really saying anything of interest to him, and so Ron’s mind starts to wander. He’s thinking about the new job he wants, and that his wife will come through the operation. Actually, he has been praying for those intentions for a while now, but it seems that nothing’s happening. His wife’s operation has been postponed for a third time, and there’s not been any movement regarding a new job.

But that’s usually the way it goes when it comes to praying. Ron prays, nothing happens, and then Ron gives up praying. “Guess I really don’t have that much ‘pull’ with God. He’s not all that interested in me,” was Ron’s way of looking at it.

Now, Ron wasn’t in mortal sin, but he wasn’t exactly setting the spiritual world on fire either. And because of this he thinks that God isn’t listening to him.

How many of us think the same way as Ron does—that God doesn’t hear our prayers because we haven’t earned his attention. But God is not like us! He has a different way about him. Notice in St Paul’s letter to the Romans, he uses the word “Abba” to describe God the Father. It really describes the relationship between a father and his child. Notice how a father—Daddy—pays attention to his child simply because the father loves his child and wants to do what’s best for the child. Sometimes a child does things that please a parent, and sometimes not. But the father will still be “Daddy” no matter what. Remember that term “Emmanuel” that we hear during Advent and Christmas: God is with us. So, don’t think that you have to earn God’s attention. He is already with you. God cares about you and will do what is best for you. So do the things that please God and put your confidence in Him. Perform acts of kindness toward others, not win God over, but because they are your brothers and sisters. Remember, you don’t have to win God over—He already is won over!

Keeping this in mind can be a great help in prayer and  can also help us gain some insight into what the Trinity is all about. The Trinity is all about love and relationship. God wants us to be a part of that love and relationship. He wants to embrace us as his own child.

We have more “pull” with God that we think!

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