At St. John Neumann parish we welcome all to our community and to the joy of shared worship. It is our hope that the information below will help guide your time with us and that all experience the love and dignity that we extend to all.


The information and resources provided below are to facilitate accessibility, worship, disability-related support and care of others that are offered at our parish, through the Archdiocese, and the wider community. 

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The Ten Commandments for Welcoming Persons with Disabilities to Church (printable, black & white) / CLICK HERE


In order to ease access to, and use of, the facilities at St. John Neumann parish, a campus schematic is provided to the left (please click on the image for a larger view; the pdf may be downloaded). The diagram will include location of designated parking spaces, ramps, the ADA restroom and other helpful items to plan your time here with us.


Designated parking spaces are available at two locations: 

  • In the rear of the church in the large parking lot the designated spaces are close to the church near the ramp that serves the church and the Life Center. 
  • In the front of the church additional spaces are located at the main entrance along the drive that parallels Highland Lane.

Church Doors

  • Our doors are not automatic. When giving assistance to another person, the doors can be propped open (after opening the door press back to secure into an open position).
  • If help is needed, please ask anyone, we are glad to assist!

Ramp access is available in two locations near the designated parking spaces

  • In the rear of the church the ramp begins where the large parking lot meets the upgraded pathway between the church and the Life Center (when facing the church the ramp will be to the left of the church).  It is identifiable by its red color and tactile paving (“sidewalk bumps”).This ramp offers direct access to the church, Life Center and Gathering Room.
  • In the front of the church the ramp to transition from the street to the sidewalk is centered to the main entrance and is identifiable by its red color and tactile paving (“sidewalk bumps”). Access to the Gathering Room is possible from this location as well.

Sensory Box Support

  • Our SJN Sensory Box has an array of items to help provide an outlet for extra energy, aid focus or foster calmness.  It is located in plain view on the shelf in the hallway leading from the vestible in church to the Gathering Room.

Hearing Support

  • WiFi hearing assist devices are available for use at Mass. The devices must be signed-out prior to the beginning of Mass and returned at the conclusion of Mass. Please contact the celebrant at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass.

Holy Communion

  • Reception of Holy Communion for those with mobility issues – when seated at the front of church, the priest, deacon or lay minister will approach those in need with Communion.  If seated further back or behind the last row of pews, please alert an usher who will arrange for Communion to be brought to the person with mobility difficulties.
  • Low gluten hosts are available and will need to be consecrated at Mass.  The celebrant or deacon should be notified 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass so that the host and a separate pyx can be placed in the sanctuary for consecration.  Please share the location of your seating so that the pyx can be given to the correct Communion Minister.  When approaching the Communion Minister please identify yourself as the person to receive the low gluten host.

Separate Space Away from Others

  • In the event that quiet time is needed anyone may transition to the Gathering Room (see our site diagram).  Movable seating and ample space is availble to move about; the ADA restrooms are nearby. 
  • During the 7:30 am and 9:00 am Masses the monitor in the Gathering Room will display the Mass (sound from the sanctuary is provided through the speaker system).  Please see our site diagram above.

ADA Restrooms

  • The restroom in the vestibule of the church is not ADA compatible.
  • ADA restrooms are located in the Life Center. They are accessible by a ramp available in the Gathering Room that transitions to the Life Center.  Please see our site diagram.

Low Sensory Support

  • Low lighting is the regular environment in the church.
  • The 7:30 am Mass is offered without music and thus may be considered the most low-sensory friendly Mass option.

Do you have request for an accommodation or a disability-related concern?


We invite you to seek the support of, or provide support to, our ministries that aid those in need.  Click here. Please note that some may be suspended or curtailed due to the COVID pandemic.



Ten Commandments for Welcoming Persons with Disabilities to Church.  Consider these helpful insights!  Click Here

Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office of Disabilities: – The office offers Information about their IDD and Autism Hotline, the Catholic League for Persons with Disabilities, upcoming retreats, and faith-based resources for people with disabilities. 

Job Accommodation Network: – Are you looking for a way to modify your environment or have questions about workplace accommodations? This website allows you to talk to specialists who are knowledgeable about the ADA and accommodations in workplaces. Also, you can search for accommodations and accessible technology on this site by impairment or disability. 

Lily’s Gift and Be Not Afraid: These organizatons have resources to help families with a prenatal disability diagnosis –