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This Post Has 128 Comments

  1. Donna

    Thank you for this important ministry! To know we are sharing the holy Mass in real time is such a comfort in this period of isolation.

  2. Katie Keating

    Another beautiful mass, beautiful readings, and inspiring homily!
    Thank you, Monsignor, Father and Deacon for continuing to keep us connected to Christ! We are so blessed by you.
    Thank you!!

  3. Jody Kyle

    I have been participating in your live stream Masses since the end of March. Your homilies are always so encouraging. Yesterday’s homily was wonderful as was the singing. Thanks so much. God bless. Jody Kyle

  4. Honor Jones

    Dear Monsignor Matz,
    Wow! What a beautiful job you and Fr. Chapman, Deacon Kevin and the beautiful Vocalists have done for all of us!! We thank you all so very much for all the livestream masses daily and all the Sunday masses too! Last weeks Divine Mercy Sunday mass and the Divines Mercy Celebration was over the TOP!!! So very inspiring and so touching to our hearts!!! We miss you all a TON!!! We cannot wait for this horrible virus to go away soon! The masses and all the special things you are doing for all of us have been so uplifting and a true inspiration for all of us!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything!! God bless! Stay safe everyone!! We are praying for all of YOU!!! Hope to be with you all very soon!!!
    God Bless & Love,

  5. Charles and Margaret Boris

    Dear Monsignor Matz, Father Chapman, Deacon Kevin,
    As many who “attend” your Livestream Mass, we are not members of SJN parish. However, over the past several years we have often attended Mass here. During this troubling time, we have actually streamed Mass from another parish also, but come back to SJN. We appreciate the posting of the Worship Aids/Songs so we can feel connected during the Mass. Thanks also to Mary and Andrew for their dedication to enhancing the experience of the Mass.

  6. St.Gen’s friends

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another beautiful liturgy. We especially loved the Communion meditation. Msgr. thank you so much for sharing your beautiful voice with us. We miss you and Andrew so much at St Gens.

  7. Friends from OMC/St Gen's

    Thank you for such a beautiful mass. Msgr. Matz always inspires with his homily and provides hope during this time. Andrew and Mary provide such a beautiful gift of music – it always fills my heart with joy.

  8. Mary and Jack Epiphany of Our Lord

    Powerful gospel, powerful homily, thank you Monsignor

  9. John McGranaghan

    Loved your homily about direction and seeing as the Christ sees. Thank you so much. God Bless

  10. Pam Tureck

    Dear Msgr. Matz and your entire team,
    Thank you so much once again for this beautiful and inspiring livestream Mass. I especially loved the
    final hymn sung by Msgr. Matz and the cantor, beautiful voices and very inspiring.
    Thank you for all you are doing for us.

  11. Kathy McCabe

    Wonderful mass and music. Thank you!

  12. Karen Coletta

    Thank you for lifting me up with the livestream masses. They strengthen my faith and hope. God bless you all and I look forward to the time we can celebrate together.
    Karen Coletta

  13. Tina Angelo

    You have provided me with inspiration and hope since the beginning of this quarantine. Thank you for livestreaming the Mass and your special services and keeping me connected to our faith.

  14. Carol Faulls

    I cannot thank you enough for the livestream mass which I watch every day, It fills me with hope and promise. I am not from your parish. Since I am not on facebook I am unable to view my parish mass. I feel blessed that I found your mass. The homilies are wonderful !!! i can begin my day with daily mass and have never lost the sense of spirituality during this crisis. I hope the livestream masses will continue in the future for those who cannot get out of the house. Again, thank you so very much!!!

    Carol Faulls
    Christ the King Parish
    Northeast Philadelphia

  15. Judy and Denis Cassidy

    Once again I need to thank you all. Monsignor, Father Chapman and Deacon Kevin you really have given me strength and hope each day. Each mass is so meaningful and the Sunday mass especially provides Denny and I peace. Thank you all. God bless you all.

  16. Susan Stefanski

    I have loved Daily Mass. Thanks for streaming!

  17. St. Gen's friends

    Loved your homily today! Thanks for a great Msgr. Matz Message. We love getting our day started with you.

  18. Sonia (Sunnye) Cleary

    The Mass at Saint John Neumann
    has given me the ability to wake up and face each new day- no matter what it may hold for me. My Faith is strong. Monsignor Matz is a blessing- each Homily direct and is inspiring.
    Thank you for youth Mass also/ they all need the support you are giving them. They have all been so heartwarming. My friends and I pray that we will all be able to come and worship with each of you.
    Sunnye Cleary
    Saint Dominic Parish
    Thank you

  19. Jack and mary

    Inspirational homily for Divine Mercy Sunday. Thank you Father. Jack and Mary, Epiphany of Our Lord.

  20. Jean Marie Di Dominic

    We are so very Blessed to have all of you to keep us connected to Our Lord & Saviour and to each other. I thank God for you all Always!

  21. Kathy Selvaggi

    Thank you Msgr Matz, Father Chapman and Deacon Kevin for the beautiful Easter and Divine Mercy Mass. It is so uplifting and inspirational to be able to still have Mass through this very difficult time. You are continually bringing us closer to CHRIST with each Mass. It is CHRIST who we all need always but even more now. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to keep close to HIM!
    We will keep praying for all of you and our parish to remain healthy.

    God Bless You!

    Kathy and Paul Selvaggi


    Thank you for a Beautiful Divine Mercy Holy Hour SJN.

  23. Roosemary Samtmann

    Msgr. Matz.. Charlie and I were delighted to learn we could follow Mass with you, While online is a different experience, it is, nonetheless were
    very meaningful. Thank you for participating in singing during the Mass.
    You made Holy week very special. Thank you to all who made this happen.

  24. Karen Fay

    Dear Msgr. Matz, Fr. Chapman and Deacon Kevin,

    I echo the many parishioners that have commented already when I say that the virtual connection provided by the parish, throughout the course of this quarantine, has been inspirational and motivating during these challenging times. Daily mass and the various links, in particular, to the Lenten Retreat by Archbishop Perez certainly have made the Easter season more present and meaningful.

    Again many thanks,

    Karen Fay

  25. Pam

    Dear Msgr. Matz, Father Chapman and Deacon Kevin,
    Thank you all so very much for bringing joy and stability to us these days. The Holy Week services made me feel as though I was actually in our beautiful church. Easter Vigil, powerful, the music, incredible, the beauty of the flowers on the altar… breathtaking. Thank you so much for giving us this gift of live-streaming.
    May God continue to bless you all and keep you safe and healthy.
    Pam Tureck

  26. Janet Massey

    For the past several weeks I have had something to look forward to which is the beautiful daily mass as well as Sunday and Easter mass. I am not a parishioner but my daughter is and I am so thrilled and thankful she is in a loving, caring parish God bless and thank you.

  27. maureen wynne

    Daily Mass has been a balm for the heart and soul.

  28. Eileen Wolpert

    Hearing Msgr Matz and Andrew sing that Exultet means it really is Easter!!
    Thank tou

  29. Christine Serlenga

    Thank you for a beautiful Easter Sunday mass and for keeping us connected to God and our parish community each week.
    Stay healthy and safe.
    Christine and Lou Serlenga

  30. Meg Henry Young

    Absolutely loved your gorgeous mass!!! I look forward to Sundays more and more each week to regain my strength and faith, while also feeling peaceful. Thank you Msgr. Matz, Father Chapman, Deacon Kevin and the wonderful musicians/cantors.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.
    Happy and healthy Easter! xoxo
    Meg and Doug Young

  31. CAROL

    Thank you Msgr Matz, Father Chapman, Deacon Kevin and the musicians/cantor for the very uplifting Easter service. The altar looked beautiful as well. We felt very much comforted and at home watching the livestream. So thankful to be a part of the SJN community. Happy Easter to all.

  32. Robin Conicella

    Monsignor Matz, thank you for the beautiful Easter Mass. You have done a wonderful job creating a parish connection during these most uncertain weeks. Grateful.

  33. Helen and Mario

    Happy Easter Monsignor Matz, Father Chapman, and Deacon Kevin! Thank you for a beautiful Easter Sunday mass!

  34. Greg Landry

    A silver lining … great to see and hear Monsignor Matz, Andrew and Guna Puntel while I am at home in Flourtown, location of their former home parish, St. Genevieve.

  35. Rick and Ronnie Rothwell

    Thank you Monsignor Matz and your staff for helping to carry us through these difficult times with the beautiful live streamed services on Sundays and during Holy Week.

  36. Richard Poor

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend Mass on Easter Sunday. Father Matz – we really enjoyed your sermon as usual and also your beautiful singing and of course, funny joke!
    The sound system was perfect the picture was clear and the altar flowers looked magnificent. Now it feels like Easter. We will ” look to the rainbow and follow our dream ” God Bless You and Thank You.
    Richard and Dorothy Poor

  37. Susan Stavish

    This was a wonderful Easter Mass experience from our living room. Father Matz, you connected us all with your inspirational voice and words, as did the cantors and musicians.
    I would love to see the image of Michaelangelo’s risen Christ holding a small cross.

    Thank you ever so much continuing this ministry during these challenging times.

    With love,

    Susan Stavish

  38. Beth Ann & Brett Reedy

    Thank you for making Mass available to so many people. We miss Msgr. Matz’s homilies at St. Genevieve’s and they have been a silver lining to the stay at home orders we all are dealing with.

  39. Pat tramontina

    Thank you Msgr.Katz for a beautiful Easter Mass. Thank you to the singers,violinist . Music,like prayers, really joins us as one in these challenging days. Blessed Easter to all!

  40. McGee-Pasceri Peggy

    Thank you for allowing us to stay connected through our faith in our Lord. A Blessed Easter to everyone.

    Peggy and Don McGee-Pasceri

  41. Adele Henry

    Monsignor, during this difficult and trying Holy Week, you along with Father Chapman and Deacon Kevin have given so much
    hope, happiness, and comfort by the Holy Week streamed services. And, yes, we did laugh at your Easter Sunday joke.
    God bless you and keep you safe, we so need you.
    Happy and healthy Easter!
    David and Adele Henry

  42. Mary

    Beautiful Easter Service! Thank you and stay well

  43. Joanmarie Price

    Beautiful Mass! Happy Easter to all!

  44. Larry Buhl

    Nice job with Mass. Thank you.

  45. Marie Molinari

    Msgr Matz ,Father Chapman & Deacon Kevin,

    Thank you for making our Holy Week services so wonderful & your homilies are certainly getting us through this terrible time that no one
    ever experienced.
    Our thanks to the wonderful singing ,we feel we are still a part of the mass.
    God Bless you for all that you do for the parish.

    Happy Easter to all.

    Marie & Rocky

  46. Christine Dolan

    Thank you ALL for the awesome experience and blessing this Holy Week has brought us. Thank you especially for the beautiful song and music.

  47. Lori Miller

    Thank you for a beautiful Easter Vigil
    Lori Miller

  48. Christine Curley

    This mass has been such a blessing for me during this Lenten season. Many thanks to you for your very inspiring words. God Bless!
    Christine Curley
    Binghamton, N.Y.

  49. Kathe O'Donovan

    Can’t thank you enough for guiding us through Holy Week. Your Masses and sermons have been so special and helped us to stay connected at this very difficult time. We all need God in our lives especially now! Thanks again. I’ve actually passed the link on to others since I have found it so enlightening. Also kudos to the tech person who is making all of this possible and so easy to follow. Happy Easter!

  50. Francis Cianciulli

    Last night and today’s services were outstanding! The celebrants and musicians couldn’t have been better. Father’s homily was quite thought provoking as usual. The music was well chosen and sung very well. Mary and Andrew couldn’t have been better, even though I missed singing with choir on these dates.
    Thanks again for doing this! I had told friends in other parishes know about it.

  51. Jean Lisko

    Thank you for the opportunity of being able to feel like I was able to participate in Good Friday devotions. It was just like being at my own Church (St Genevieve) with one of my favorite priest (Monsignor Matz). My gratitude goes out to ALL who made this possible.

  52. Donna Reifsnyder

    Thank you Monsignor Matz and Andrew! Hearing your voices brings light to our trying times! I deeply appreciate all the people and their hard work in making these live-streamed services available to all of us.
    Please be well and thank you again!
    Donna Reifsnyder

  53. Eleanor & Earl Kirbyson

    Because of the streaming capability, we are so blessed to share the Easter Liturgies with you at St. John’s. We miss you and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your ministry. It has been so helpful to so many of your faithful. Stay well and we will continue to “Sing a New Song”. God Bless.
    Eleanor & Ear Kirbyson

  54. Teenie Bracken

    Monsignor Matz, Father Chapman, and Deacon Kevin –
    It has been so comforting to be able to continue the connection with you through Live-streaming and the informative emails. The beautiful music has added to the spiritual connection during the virtual mass. You have helped us make our Lent reflective as well as grounded! It has been Blessing to be able to share this with our family near and far. We miss you and look forward to the day we can reunite in person again – until then Thank you for all you have done and many Blessings to you!

  55. Denise Ferrier

    Many, many thanks to everyone involved with the livestream Masses. They have been a blessing. The music has wonderful, and having access to the worship aids has been very helpful. A blessed Easter to all.


    Thank you for the opportunity to experience the virtual mass each week and holy days and the blessings from Monsignor Matz and the priests. I can’t wait till we can attend mass in person and fellowship with all of SJN. God Bless you all.

  57. Kim E Fraites

    Thank you! We miss you, too. xoxo

  58. Dave & Marlene

    Beautiful Holy Thursday Mass.

  59. Donna Radu

    Thank you for making this Mass available. It is helpful and comforting!

  60. Mary

    Beautiful Mass, beautiful church, wonderful homily, thank you Father. Mary, Epiphany of our Lord,

  61. Marlene

    Thank you for such beautiful Lenton Masses & homilies. Very inspiring.
    The West’s

  62. Nancy Case

    As with most of the comments already shared, I am thankful to Monsignor Matz, Father Chapman, and Deacon Kevin for providing us the opportunity to “attend” Mass and the upcoming other Holy Week services, as well as cantors and accompanists who add so much to the liturgies. Monsignor’s daily messages couldn’t be more timely and more relevant to what we all are experiencing now. It is almost surreal to me that this event in our society has coincided with the Lenten season and made it a time for us to more easily reflect on Jesus, what He did and will continue to do for us as we live our lives. We are blessed to have the spiritual guidance we are given by Monsignor Matz and all who aid him in serving the parish. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you .

  63. Elisa (Lisa) Sforza

    Thank you, Mgsr. Matz for your encouraging messages each day. Today, I actual wrote every word of your homily down so I could reflect more on it later, and then share it with a friend who is really struggling right now. Also, I am able to feel so connected to my family through Mass every day, as I know they are watching too! SJN is my home parish where I got married forty years ago this July.
    You are such a blessing to my family; My Mom, Peggy Ranieri, and Sisters, Donna Ambrogi, and Sandy Sarcona. I even have a friend watching Mass everyday too. Thank you for your ministry and faith in Christ. You definitely make a difference in so many lives. God Bless You during Holy Week! May we all grow in the love and knowledge of living in and through Christ with the Blessed Mother, Mary by our side! ✝️❤️😇
    Peace of Christ,
    Lisa Sforza

  64. Cathy mallon

    Beautiful, heartfelt Palm Sunday Mass.

  65. Lisa M. Liberi

    Dear Msgr Matz
    Thank you. Joining the live stream this morning helped to feel more connected. I really enjoyed the communion song. The girl had a lovely voice and I like that it sounded very contemporary. Miss seeing you in person. Lisa Maria L

  66. Helen and Mario Gambescia

    Dear Monsignor Matz,

    Thank you so much for your daily messages and especially this morning.. We appreciate being able to connect to our parish family! Please take care of yourself!.
    Helen and Mario Gambescia

  67. Sr. Anne Marie Loftus

    Dear Msgr. Matz,
    Thank you for providing the Holy Week Liturgies for all to share. May the Lord continue to bless you and your parish community with good health.
    Sr. Anne Marie Loftus

  68. Denise McNamara

    Thank you Monsignor Matz, during these times your mass is so comforting.

  69. Sr. Beth Woodward

    Dear Msgr. Matz,

    Thank you for being the Shepherd you are providing
    Eucharistic worship and comfort during this
    unprecedented time in our history. It is such a Grace
    to pray with you and the SJN community for our
    world at this time. God bless you, Father Chapman and
    Deacon Kevin and all who made this possible.

    Sister Beth IHM

  70. Betty Bradley

    Beautiful 🥰
    We are truly ,Blessed 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you♥️♥️

  71. Anne Schwelm

    Dear Msgr. Matz,
    Thank you for the opportunity to pray the daily Mass. It is especially comforting in this time of separation from our sacramental Lord. Thank you to Deacon Kevin for assisting and preparing the altar so beautifully, and to Fr. Chapman for lovingly and graciously con-celebrating.
    Entrusting you to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
    Anne Schwelm

  72. Adele Henry

    Thank you, Monsignor Matz, for the wonderful gift of making it possible for us to participate in daily and Sunday Mass. Seeing you each day and listening to you brings us great comfort and strength during this difficult time.
    May God bless you and keep you well.
    David and Adele Henry

  73. Pat Cunningham

    The background for your streamed Masses is the view I enjoyed for 47 years while our family lived in Rosemont. The time and effort you and your staff have put into this mini-miracle for so many of us now home bound is very appreciated. Until last weekend when I learned of the virtual Masses you are providing I was very aware each day of something missing. I no longer feel that way since “attending” Mass again at SJN. This is a wonderful service you are gifting us. Thank you and please know we are remembering you in our prayers. Stay well.

    Pat Cunningham

  74. Suzanne Monahan

    Thank you Father for being a priest

  75. Maureen McLaughlin

    Dear Monsignor Matz,
    Thank you for live streaming the daily Mass. It brings comfort and normalcy to my day during a time we have never experienced before.

  76. Mary Morgan

    Thank you Msgr. Matz and everyone who made this live stream possible.
    So good to see you and hear your beautiful words during these trying times. God Bless you and stay healthy.

  77. Peg Manson

    Monsignor Matz. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear Mas everyday. God bless you and keep you well. Sincerely, Peg.

  78. Judy Scangarella

    Monsignor Matz, Thank you for the comfort and peace you are providing the parishioners of St. John Newman at this critical time. We are truly blessed with the ability to come together via livestream mass to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Stay well. Judy and Tom Scangarella

  79. Katie Keating

    Monsignor Matz, Fr. Chapman, Deacon ~

    What a comfort and source of strength to celebrate the liturgy with you! We are so grateful for providing us with the grace of the sacraments (virtually) during this surreal time. Thank you, to our musicians for providing such beautiful music, and David and the others, who obviously worked tirelessly on this effort. Connection through the Word, these masses and each other are our lifelines during these times.
    Stay well!


    Attending Mass virtually with Fr. Matz accompanied by Guna and Andrew was inspiring and nostalgic for Kathy and me. We appreciate the hard work and coordination required to bring us this beautiful liturgical celebration. Thank you so much. We miss you and wish you all well.

  81. Marie& Rocky

    Msgr.Matz ,thankyou for helping us to get through this critical time that not one of us has ever experienced. We are so glad that we can still have our 8:00 a.m.,mass and have your homily give us the strength to get through this,which means so much to us. God Bless Marie &Rocky

  82. Regina Bruno

    Dear Msgr. Matz,
    Thank you very much for sharing daily Mass with us. Watching the beauty of the Mass has been healing and precious during this strange and conflicting time.

    May God bless you,
    Regina and Pete Bruno

  83. Elizabeth Gavula

    Good to be with you again, Msgr. Matz, though from afar. I miss your weekday homilies and am so glad to be able to hear you again via the live-streamed Mass.
    Please stay well.

  84. Marguerite F Miller

    Thank you for helping to provide a momentary time of peace.

  85. Tip O’Neill

    Msgr. Matz, The broadcast crashed just after the joke in your homily. I am positive that the timing was coincidental, and possibly a result of a system overload. I was able to rejoin at the petitions. Many thanks to you and all others especially David for this wonderful undertaking. I will revisit later this afternoon to catch the rerun!

  86. Eileen Wolpert

    I have missed tour homilies these past couple of years. I am so elated that you and your parish are live streaming these liturgies. You have no idea how this is healing and nourishing my spirituality. So very grateful…

  87. Mia Wesner

    Monsignor Matz,
    We are going through some tough times in isolation. Not being with friends and family is a real hardship,but in truth, the Livestream Masses are life saving and distraction free. Your Homilies give us the food for our daily thoughts- always with a great message. Thank you for all you have done an continue to do for St. John Neumann.
    Last week’s bulletin showed a severe decline in contributions. Hopefully, more can remember to either go online or simply mail in their checks for the weekly collection. We are a family and need to support our home.

  88. Dorothy Haydanek

    Thank you Father Matz for the opportunity to attend Mass with you every day. It has been a joyful time for me during this unusual time.
    Dorothy Haydanek

  89. Iz

    Thank you Father Matz you are bring great comfort to so many. Stay Well🙏

  90. Suzanne Monahan

    Thank you for doing this it was so easy to live stream Holy Mass .. as A daily person for over 30 years I sincerely appreciate the fact that is was so easy to just click on. St Michael The archangel who’s protection was so great so strong protect us and guide us and keep us safe

  91. Maryann

    Thank you Monsignor Matz and others for the daily livestream of the mass. Your homilies provide comfort and thoughtful reminders of how important our life and faith is now – more than ever! My relatives are members of your parish and grade school. While my parish does not offer a live stream mass, I am happy to be connected to the Mass each day during this time.

    Maryann Daley

  92. Rose Ann Devos

    Thank you Msgr.Matz.

  93. Judy Cassidy

    Thank you so much Monsignor Matz. This has really been a central part of each day! We are so grateful that we can connect with you and the parish in this very meaningful way! Take of yourself!
    Judy and Denis Cassidy

  94. emer83

    We so miss daily Mass and are grateful for this. Thank you, St John Neumann Parish.

  95. Meg

    Thank you for broadcasting the mass. It is very comforting especially at these times. God bless you. One question for your technicians, is there a way we can view this thru chrome cast on our tv? We have tried but it seems to be restricted. Thank you Again

  96. Salerno

    Thank you so much for live-streaming Mass Msgr. Matz.

    My husband, along so many of our community are working extra hard at hospitals and it’s been a true blessing to be able to connect with you through Mass and be able to pray for them and their patients.

  97. John Rachfalski

    Msgr. Matz, You’re the greatest. Thanks for this great service. Good health to you!l

  98. Bill Lewis

    Wonderful Broadcast Mass Msgr. THANK YOU

  99. Mary Elizabeth Vanett

    Thank you Msgr. Matz – your message today was so uplifting and much needed. May God keep you
    and yours safe.

  100. Mike and Margaret Toth

    I’m a 35 year member from St Matthew parish in Conshohocken. It’s a very comforting feeling to know my wife and I can view Mass this way. It’s a very trying time, but we’ll all make it. Helping one another, staying aware and most of all having Jesus see us through.

    Many thanks!
    Mike and Margaret Toth

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