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Trust in the Lord

Luke had to admit, he was feeling depressed. He couldn’t lay his finger on one particular reason, but he knew he hadn’t been himself for the past few months. The only thing he could come up with at this point was that maybe this was the result of having been through the pandemic with all the fear and insecurity connected to it. What was making matters worse was that he was scheduled to start going back into the office three days a week. Luke had gotten used to the idea of working from home and wondered what it would be like to shift gears after all this time. 

Luke knew there was something wrong with himself because everything he had to do seemed like a chore, and he seemed to have very little energy. During the Pandemic he had been filled with great fear. He was worried about his Mom who was close to ninety. He was so afraid that she would get the virus and put her life in danger. Luke was grateful that she remained safe. Then there was all the craziness with his kids and their schooling, and all those periods of time when everyone was home. That was “fun” at first, but then the novelty started to wear off. And finally, he had to sweat out the possibility that he would lose his job because of cut-backs. Thankfully this didn’t happen, either. So, in the end, he had a lot to be thankful for. 

One Sunday he mentioned to the priest at his parish that he felt “burnt out” and the priest suggested that he take some time and go on a retreat at the local retreat center. Luke took his advice. 

On the third day of the retreat he was meeting with his director and this is what he was told:

“Try not to give in to those negative feelings. Don’t give up living out your faith. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord. Stop focusing on your problems and focus on the generosity of God who wants to help you. One thing Jesus warned of is doubting. He said, ‘Fear is useless, what you need to do is trust.” You must believe that God is present to you and is hearing your prayer. Don’t tell him how to help you or accomplish what you need, and don’t tell God when to do it. Let God have the driver’s seat and you be the passenger. 

And be sure to stay connected to Christ through the Sacrament of the Eucharist and Confession. Jesus can really have a profound effect on your life through his presence to you in the breaking of the bread and in letting him free you from your sins. 

Don’t be slow to believe. Receive all that Christ wants to give you. Remember that He has a really deep love for you no matter what has happened in your past. Keep praying, and remember praying is not the same thing as thinking about your problems and going over and over them in your head! Instead, when problems keep bothering you, fix your mind on Jesus and say, ‘Jesus, you are God. I’m trusting in you. Help’.

Your answer will come in God’s good time and you will begin to see the reason why things happened the way they did in your life. Remember, it always helps to get off the merry-go-round of life and re-group. It’s so important to renew yourself spiritually and stop running on empty. 

Have confidence that God will see you through because God loves you. He wants to restore our security in Him.

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