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Stained glass depicting the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

Mother’s Day Tribute


Vigin Mary with baby Jesus We invite you to post a tribute or message to your mom, stepmom, grandmother, or Godmother! Let’s fill this post with love all week long in anticipation of Mother’s Day, May 10th!  Add your message in the ‘feedback’ section below.

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  1. Frank Cianciulli

    Beautiful Service as usual. The meditation hymn is a tribute to modern technology combined with the excellent voices singing. A great tribute for all the Mothers in the parish especially my lovely wife, Kathy.

  2. Hadley Sheehan

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much and I hope you enjoyed your special day. Love Hadley! 😉 <3


    Happy Mother’s Day to the pillar of our wonderful family. Rest in Peace Mom- we all Love you!!

  4. Cassie

    Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mom!! Love and miss you! See you on zoom 🙂

  5. Mary Ann Powers

    Happy mother’s day to my daughters,daughter in law, sisters, girlfriends and especially to our late dearest mom Fran (memom)

  6. Dana Dangelo

    Blessings to all who are Mother’s, support mothers and love mothers. And to the many amazing women in my life, especially Rosey DiPaolo, and to them the children and men who also show love and respect.

  7. Hegartys

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! You’re the best and we love you! Love the Hegarty kids

  8. Andrew & Mike

    Happy and Holy Mother’s Day to our awesome Mom, Sharon Matas! She’s always there in times of need, and just to enjoy life.

    Xo, Andrew and Mike

  9. cfrissora

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You’re the best – always there for us, rain or shine. You’re a blessing every day. Love you! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms — including our spiritual mothers. Thank you for accepting your vocation and all that you do every day. 🙂

  10. Kevin and Isabel Momenee

    Happy Mothers Day to our Wonderful Daughters, Michelle Yeager, Suzie Momenee-Cush, Annie Kilbride. We are so proud to be your parents. You are amazing MOMS.❤

  11. Frank Nieves, Jr.

    Happy Mothers Day to Rosa Nieves and Rosa Laboy! Two flowers which keep the garden of my life smelling sweet, fresh, and ever remind me of the beauty there is in the world. May God the Father provide the water and the sunshine you need to sustain your bloom, May God the Son enrich the soil with plentiful nutrients to enable the hue of your petals to radiate brightly each day, and May God the Holy Spirit animate your veins and your leaves to enable you to stand tall and graceful among the bouquet that is our family. With Love, Frank.

  12. Cheryl and Ken

    Happy Mother’s Day to our daughters-in-law , Kelly and Rachel , as you raise in faith our five precious grandchildren. May Our Lady continue to bless you as you teach them wisdom and love.

  13. Denise Ferrier

    Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter-in-law, Cynthia, who is such a wonderful mother to our two grandchildren. We love you!

  14. Kathy Del Pizzo

    Happy Mother’s Day also to my awesome Mother-in-Law, Arlene Del Pizzo! She raised a pretty great son and is such a great Grandmom and friend. 💐

  15. Kathy Del Pizzo

    Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother, Anne McCann!! She has been the most amazing source of strength and guidance, and an example of faith and love through my whole life. I’m sorry I can’t be with her on Sunday, but we’re connecting through the sharing of the SJN masses. 💖

  16. Rebecca O'Neill

    Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Helen Clark, she is in my heart always. And to my beautiful daughter, Molly Easton, the mother of three precious little ones, they bring us such joy!, a full-time teacher, and an Amazing Mom!

  17. sharontgaffney

    Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother In Law, Barbara “Kenny” Gaffney and my step-mother, Gloria Berendzen and wishing my mother and grandmothers a happy one in heaven.

  18. Joe Micucci

    My Mom has been gone for over 40 years but on Sunday when the smell of Italian gravy permeates the house, she is as alive to me as if she was in the next room. May she be enjoying the goodness of the Lord today.

  19. Marie & Rocky Molinari

    We would like to pay tribute to our mothers who we certainly know were caring & loved us & we know they are looking down on us everyday of our lives. God blessed us with two wonderful mothers. Also I would like to pay tribute to my godmother who is 102 years old & is in failing health, may God bless her.

    Marie & Rocky Molinari

  20. Susan Momenee-Cush

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s especially my wonderful mother, Isabel Momenee. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, caring and loving mother. You have taught me the true beauty of being a strong woman. You lead by example and are always there for me and my family. Love you!!

  21. Dave&Marlene

    Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing daughter-in-law, Rosemary. She is truly a gem.

  22. Regina

    I would like to give tribute to my daughter and my daughter in law for Mother’s Day as they work from home and help to home school my grandchildren through remote learning during this pandemic. This is for all the Moms who take care of their families and are home schooling their children. May God bless these special Mothers who are doing it all each day. Thank you for your strength and resilience at this strange and difficult time.

  23. Pam Deas

    Happy First Mothers’ Day to Whitney Bordogna, the newest mama in our family. You’re a natural and doing a terrific job!

  24. Janet Heller

    Thank you to the mothers’ of Msgr Matz and Fr Chapman for raising two great priests. We love them both!

  25. Alice

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and Godmothers in the Bratschi family, and for the happy repose of the soul of the Matriarch, Rosemary.
    May Our Lady, the holiest of all Mothers, bless us this Mother’s Day.

  26. Isabel Momenee

    To my Amazing Mom Regalada Cyzewski a Very Happy Mothers Day. We are always together in our Hearts , Te Quiero❤

  27. Frank Heller

    Thank you Lord for blessing me with not only one great mother, but two. Both my mother and mother-in-law were the greatest. Always kind and loving. May they be forever in you arms!

  28. Lisa

    Wishing Nonna Maria Palumbi a very Happy Mother’s Day! And to all the mother figures out there hoping they have a peaceful week and Mother’s Day!

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