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All survey responses must be received by May 31st.

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Msgr. Matz on the exploration of a possible church renovation and school expansion.


Description of early conceptual designs for the church and school. 

SJN Renovation Fact Sheet – CLICK HERE

A Fact Sheet has been mailed to every household, along with information about how to participate in the Planning Study.  All who worship or attend school here may participate.

Learn more about our situation, needs and possible plans for a church renovation and school expansion. 

Read the SJN Renovation Fact Sheet  CLICK HERE

The schematics shown in the Fact Sheet are early concepts of possibilities.  

Our Church

  • The church sanctuary floor plans:  How do you feel about expanding the sanctuary to facilitate the execution of Mass? 
  • The church sanctuary aesthetics:  The drawings shown are very early and, by nature, meant to foster dialogue.
    • The front arch extends from the right and left walls, rising high to frame and soften the visual access the sanctuary.
    • The rear arch extends from the rear santurary right and left walls to high above the tabernacle and Crucifix to frame them.
    • The updated shrines offer more prominence to the Madonna and Child and to St. Joseph.
    • Other aesthetics seek to begin exploring other design options.
  • The church – not shown:  side walls, rear vestibule and baptistry, confessional, music space, an Adoration Chapel, flooring, calming space for families and restrooms.

Our School

  • Two different options are sketched to add space for our school. 
  • Design Concepts:  In both concepts, the adminstrative area is renovated to better use the space to resolve administration and faculty needs.
  • Design Concept 1:  The cafeteria building would be rebuilt to accommodate a lower level with various funtional options (classrooms, offices, meeting areas, storage, parking).  It also shows an option to redevelop the access to the school basement and renovate it for classroom space.
  • Design Concept 2:  A third level would be added above the existing original school building.  Note: the architect team is aware that construction plans must be mindful that education takes place in the building during the school year.

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