SJN Church

St. John Neumann’s guide for public Masses and Services in the Yellow/Restricted phase.

We look forward to seeing you again and re-opening our church for public Mass!

The Governor of Pennsylvania will transition our area to the “Yellow” phase on June 5th and has provided operating guidelines.  Correspondingly, Archbishop Pérez has announced that public Masses, with restrictions, may resume on June 6th and the Archdiocese has provided guidelines for doing so.

Thank you in advance for following all guidelines set before us and making our Mass environment healthy and peaceful.  Help us provide a setting where all who are able to attend may feel comfortable doing so.  Please view this video as a supplement to the information offered below:  VIDEO – SJN WELCOME BACK

We encourage those with the following health conditions to refrain from attending Mass for their safety and the safety of others:

  • If you are not feeling well or are exhibiting CDC-designated coronavirus symptoms (Click Here-Symptoms)
  • If you are in a CDC-designated higher risk group (Click Here-Higher Risk), such as those who:  are immunosuppressed, have chronic medical conditions, or have had a recent COVID-19 infection or exposure to a person with the COVID-19 infection.

We are grateful for your response to our survey:  Please know that our initial Mass schedule seeks to accommodate desired parishioner Mass times while allowing for adequate time to clean and prepare for the next Mass.  We also seek to maintain a vibrant livestream Mass experience for those who will continue joining us that way.


  • The dispensation from Sunday Mass remains in effect; you are not required to attend Mass at this time.
  • Please note that the Mass schedule is subject to change.
  • Seating is limited due to our obligation to maintain 6-foot distancing.
  • Sunday livestream will be at 9:00 am beginning June 7th.  This will replace the 10:30 am livestream Mass.
  • Our Yellow Phase Sunday Mass schedule is: 
    • Saturday Vigil at 5:15 pm – public Mass
    • Sunday 7:30 am – public Mass
    • Sunday 9:00 am – LIVESTREAM
    • Sunday 10:30 am – public Mass
    • Initially, we will not have a Sunday 12:00 noon or 5:15 pm Mass.
    • You may attend whichever Mass best suits your schedule.


  • 8:00 am Daily Mass – public Mass and LIVESTREAM
  • 8:00 am Saturday, June 6th will be LIVESTREAM ONLY; public Daily Mass will begin Monday, June 8th.


  • Monday – Friday the church will be open 9:30 – 3:00 pm.  This is to allow adequate time for disinfection after Mass and at the close of the day.
  • Saturday – Church will be open for 8:00 am Mass and the 5:15 Vigil Mass only.
  • Sunday – Church will be open for morning Masses and closed for the remainder of the day.
  • Open hours are subject to change due to funerals and other services.


  • Confessions will resume on Wednesday, June 10th at 6:00 pm. 
  • Beginning Tuesday, June 16th and thereafter, Confessions will be on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.
  • Confessions will be in the Grotto, weather permitting, otherwise in the Gathering Room.
  • 6-foot social distancing will be maintained, and face masks or coverings must be worn.


  • Laity:  face coverings are required in church and while on campus.  Children younger than 2 years old do not require face coverings.
  • Lectors:  face coverings will be removed at the ambo to proclaim the Word of God and put on to return to the pew.
  • Clergy:  face coverings will not be worn while in the sanctuary.
  • Distribution of Holy Communion:  Clergy and Communion Ministers will wear face coverings.


  • Early arrival:  please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass.  This will help ensure adequate time to sanitize hands and be seated comfortably for Mass.
  • Parking:  please use the large parking lot if you do not have mobility concerns or restrictions.  This will allow those with such concerns greater access to the ‘lane parking’ if they wish.
  • Face masks/face coverings:  face coverings should put on when leaving your vehicle.
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance between those not in the same household while in the church or on the St. John Neumann campus.
  • Families/those in the same household do not need to maintain a 6-foot distance from each other.  We ask that you stay as a unit while seated so that seating can be maximized.
  • Enter through doors marked for entry or propped open (weather permitting).  Doors marked “Do Not Enter” should not be used to enter the church.
  • The Holy Water fonts will be empty.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer upon arrival:  squirt to hands then continue to the pews, allowing the next person to approach the sanitizer.  You may use your own sanitizer at this time.  We are hopeful that our touchless systems will arrive for our June 6 – 7th.


  • Approach the pews from the window side and proceed towards the center aisle.  Sit next to the aisle, leaving limited extra space.  This will facilitate maximum seating in each pew and will help the next person(s) to identify seating options.
  • One in three pews is available for use.  Do not remove the blue tape blocking access to a pew.
  • Blue tape marks are at 6-foot intervals in the pews to help you gauge a 6 feet distances.  Please allow for a 6-foot distance and not much extra, particularly at the 10:30 am Mass, to help accommodate all attendees.
  • Please allow those with mobility issues to use the last pews, if possible.
  • Overflow seating:  the Gathering Room will be opened only when the church is full.  Standing in the back/vestibule or in an aisle is not permitted.


  • Hymnals have been removed from the church.
  • Readings are available online and may be printed in advance or accessed via electronic devices during Mass (don’t forget to turn the sound off) at: 1)  www.sjnparish.org/livestream, the link is available above the livestream window or  2) at the USCCB website http://usccb.org/bible/index.cfm – look for “Today’s Reading”
  • Paper:  all paper brought to church must be taken with you at the end of Mass.


  • One cantor and one musician will be positioned in the choir loft.
  • There will be a reduced use of hymns.
  • The congregation is encouraged to listen and not join in singing due to the wearing of face coverings.


  • Reception of Holy Communion:  Out of necessity to avoid a real risk of infection with COVID-19 for the Communion Minister and the communicants, Holy Communion is to be distributed in the hand at this time.
  • Communion locations:  two near Altar area and, depending on attendance, two in the vestibule.
  • Please exit the pew when space allows; form one central Communion procession; alternating between left-side and right-side pews will facilitate timely access to Communion Ministers.  Maintain 6-foot distance (blue tape on carpet for guidance).
  • To receive Holy Communion:
    • Approach the Communion Minister with face covering in place.
    • Receive the Host in your hand.  The Communion Minister is not to touch the communicant.
    • Step to the side (6-feet away; blue tape marked on floor).
    • Remove face covering, consume the Host, and reposition face covering.
    • Return to the pew.
    • NOTE:  The Holy Eucharist may not be carried back to the pew.  The Eucharist must be consumed at the designated locations.
    • NOTE:  Gloves may not be worn to distribute or receive the Blessed Sacrament.  Communion Ministers will have sanitizer to use as frequently as they desire or need.


  • Please place your offering in one of the labeled green baskets in the church.
  • A collection will not be taken during Mass.


  • The clergy will exit directly to the Sacristy and will not be available for greeting or conversation.
  • The congregation may then leave.  We recommend those nearest the doors leave first, with each successive pew leaving as space allows for 6-foot distancing.
  • We hope to have Bulletins available at the end of Mass.  Bulletins should be taken home and not returned to the stack or left in church.
  • Do not gather or congregate in church or on the campus.  Church doors will be closed immediately for disinfection*.
  • Maintain 6-foot distancing until you are in your vehicle.


  • *Cleaning and disinfection:  our facilities staff, together with volunteers, will be cleaning the church (pews, kneelers, door handles, restrooms, etc.) after every Mass or service and at the end of each day the church has been open for private prayer.
  • Windows will be open when possible.
  • Votive candles at St. Joseph’s shrine have been removed for the Yellow Phase.
  • Outdoor Mass:  the complexity of executing an outdoor Mass on the St. John Neumann campus is not possible during COVID-19.
  • Communion distribution outside-of-Mass:  Communion Services are not to be used as a replacement for the celebration of Mass in any form.

We hope this information is helpful for you.  Please don’t forget to view our ‘SJN Welcome Back’ video.

God bless.