Welcome to our virtual pilgrimage, vacation and fundraiser as we journey the ancient 480-mile Camino de Santiago from France to Spain!

“There are no guarantees in this life and a pilgrim is well served by offering gratitude for all experiences encountered along the path.” — John Brierley, “A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago”

Check in weekly to learn about the places we visit, enjoy special events and hear news from our pilgrims.  Questions?  Contact camino@sjnparihs.org or the SJN Rectory. 



  • For those “walking” the pilgrimage, that they grow spiritually and physically.
  • For those fundraising as part of their pilgrimage, that their efforts yield fruit for the beneficiaries of their works.
  • For those sponsoring our pilgrims, that their generosity create ripple effects of God’s love.

SJN Camino Pilgrimage:  We walked a short distance of 13 miles as we left the Pyrenees behind us and passed through fields and meadows, arriving at Pamplona — just in time for the festival of San Fermin.  We know you know a bit about this festival… it involves bulls!

SJN Camino Pilgrimage: We walked 29.2 miles this week.  Up, up, up in the Pyrenees.   Then back down where we arrived at Roncesvalles for an amazing visit at an old Monastery. 

We began learning about our patron, St. James the Apostle. 

Upon arrival in Roncesvalles, we found out that Martin Sheen filmed part of his movie, “The Way” here.  We recommend watching this movie!! 

Finally, we learned about Dawn’s Place, one of the beneficiary organizations for the fundraising part of our pilgrimage.

SJN Camino Pilgrimage: We Begin.  

A special message from Msgr. Matz is included.

  • Sunday, 9/6/2020:  We’ll journey to our starting point, St. Jean Pied de Port in France.  We look forward to seeing you there for our start on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th!  Pick up your Pilgrim Passport!  Email your tour guides at camino@sjnparish.org  — send your photo (we’ll crop as needed) and name.  This info will not be shared with anyone else.  Your passport will be updated with stamps as you report progress to us.

Your tour guides arrived at the Madrid airport in Spain.  We stopped at Zaragoza on our travel to the pilgrimage starting point.  Zaragoza is the location of the apparition site of Our Lady of the Pillar — the first apparition of Our Lady… to St. James!!   

HELPFUL TOOLS — Click on the links below:
  • Camino Flyer    – Learn more!
  • Pilgrim Sign-up   – There is no cost to participate!
  • Sponsor a Pilgrim: Sign Up    – Not ready to be a pilgrim but interested in supporting one?  $0.05/mile = $24, $0.25/mile = $120, if your pilgrim completes all 480 miles… some may participate for a shorter distance.
  • Activities-to-Miles Conversion Chart   – Our Conversion Chart includes prayer, spiritual reading and volunteering in addition to fitness activities to accumulate miles.  To use the online fitness tracker with virtual street views and other perks, sign up at https://www.theconqueror.events/camino/   The ‘Conquerer’ online cost is $40/person after tax.
  • Example Pilgrim Passport  –  Your photo will remain private to you unless we expressly ask for, and receive from you, a signed a consent to share.
  • Example Letter to Potential Sponsors  – An example to help reach out to prospective sponsors.
  • All donations received from supporters are tax-deductible. A form that confirms sponsor donations will be available for sponsors, please contact camino@sjnparish.org