Prime Timers

Prime Timers is a group that plans trips for parishioners.  Volunteers are welcome to assist the moderator.  Trips are planned for the fall and spring each year.


S.J.N. Travel Club

The Travel Club of St. John Neumann came into being in 1990. The parish was celebrating its 25th anniversary and a trip to Rome was the culmination of a year of festivities.  Since then, successful travels have been taken to Ireland, Alaska, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Parish families and friends of all ages are invited to participate in this enjoyment of travel originating from our parish.


Young at Heart—Seniors Group

Young at Heart is a social organization fostering Christian unity among our fellow parishioners and those from neighboring parishes.  Guest speakers are invited; games are played, and crafts are made.  This group provides an extra dimension to our Christian life, sharing joy and laughter, another element for a healthy soul.  Young at Heart meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Rectory Meeting Room.